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Instead of putting our 30" - 46" ovens on sale.. we are going to offer a heckofa' Photo Rebate instead!  So not only are these 4 dome oven kits on sale.. we're going to pay you to send us pictures of your oven build.  It's a Win! Win!





The Fine Print - The Photo Rebate promotion is for Cupola ovens purchased between 8.10 and 9.31 that were purchased from the BrickWood Ovens store.   28" Cupola ovens are not eligible for the promo.  Good quality pictures (&/or video) must be received by 12.31.14

Moon Wood Fired DIY Brick Pizza Oven

- Moon Family

Jones Wood Fired DIY Brick Pizza Oven

The Mattone Barile Grande form made the job very easy. The instructions are clear and simple making my project go smoothly. I would highly recommend this product to any skill level from beginner to expert. The family has enjoyed pizza, bread, roasts and we are still experimenting.. The building was almost as fun as the cooking. Bon Appetit!

- Jones Family

Morrison Wood Fired DIY Brick Pizza Oven

We are so happy with our oven!  By using your mold we stayed within our budget and got exactly what we wanted!  Thank you!

- Morrison Family

After searching many websites and almost being convinced to spend about $4000 on a wood fired pizza oven, we found your website and the decision was easy!  Since building our oven, it's been one amazing weekend after the next!  Thanks again for the great product!



BrickWood Ovens is the only brand of oven kits we use when designing wood fired ovens, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens for our clients.

Dan Heston |

BrickWood Ovens is the DIY wood fired brick pizza oven authority.  Period!

Lee St. John |

When our customer wanted a brick oven, I went online and searched how to build a pizza oven just like everybody else..  After tons of research and as a BrickWood Ovens customer, I can say that BrickWood has the best products, instructions and service than any other oven on the market today.

Lowell Rolsky |

As the owner of a pizzeria, I am MORE than thrilled with my BrickWood Oven.. that I built myself!

Jeff Hughes | Camp Union Pizzeria


The Mattone Cupola has Arrived!

Our New DOME Wood Fired Pizza Ovens will change the entire Outdoor Pizza Oven Industry FOREVER!

DIY Dome Pizza Ovens that YOU can build yourself in a couple of hours for 30%-50% less $$ than other brands!


We are currently offering the 28" form that can easily entertain 25 close friends and 1 Mother-in Law!  Kidding Nama..

Click the Oven to watch a very cool video!

After keeping our little secret for 4 long years, we are finally releasing the

28" Mattone Cupola Dome Oven!

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