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Mattone Barile Ovens

Mattone Cupola Ovens

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Castable Refractory

  • What is Castable Refractory?

    Castable Refractory is a mixture of refractory aggregate and heat resisting hydraulic cement or other suitable binder.  Another definition is: A special type of concrete that can take extreme heat temperatures over and over again.

  • What is a decent / average price for a bag of Castable Refractory?

    When buying from a manufacturer, you should pay around $30 - $40 a bag.


    If buying from a distributor, you should ONLY pay around $40 - $50 a bag.


    If you are ever quoted more than $50 a bag, you should consider looking at other distributors (see our Castable Refractory Dealers List), or you can buy the Castable Refractory from our store and have it delivered directly to your jobsite!

  • Should I buy from the Castable Refractory manufacturer or one of their dealers?

    Either.  If you have the luxury of living near a manufacturer, you will save a few dollars buying direct.  If you don't have a manufacturer nearby, you can purchase the Castable Refractory from an authorized dealer, but they usually charge a few dollars more than the manufacturer would charge.


    But again, DO NOT pay more than $50 per bag!

  • How do I mix it?  In a cement mixer or by hand?

    Almost all of the Castable Refractory manufacturers recommend using a Paddle Mixer when mixing castable.


    While we agree, we also recommend using a Cement Mixer as well.  Since you will be mixing over  60 bags of concrete and mortar when building the base, you might as well continue using the cement mixer when mixing the stainless steel fibers and castable refractory with water for your oven.


    Just be sure to immediately clean your tools and clean your mixer when you are finished using the mixer as the castable will dry quickly on the blades.  It is very hard to remove cured castable.. you will need a hammer and chisel.

  • It looks like regular concrete.. How is it different?

    Castable Refractory does look like regular concrete mix, but they are definitely different beasts!


    Unlike regular 'ol concrete mix, Castable Refractory can withstand temperatures up to 3000 degrees.  And that's about 2000 degrees hotter than you will ever get your oven!  Regular concrete would crumble under those extreme temperatures.


    On the flip side, Castable is not as forgiving, nor as easy to use as regular concrete mix.


    With concrete mix, you can typically eye-ball the consistency of the water-to-mix ratio as the concrete is mixing in a wheelbarrow or mixing machine.  If you need to add more water, you just spray it in, but if you add too much, you just add more cement mix to thicken it up a bit.


    Castable Refractory on the other hand has a very strict water-to-castable ratio that is set forth by the manufacturer (so be sure to ask for mixing directions when you purchase your Castable).

  • How much time do I have to work with the Castable?  Can I add more water if it starts to get firm?

    One you mix the water, stainless steel fibers and Castable Refractory together, you have a limited amount of time to put the mix in the mold before it starts the curing process.  After you mix your materials together, you have about 15 minutes to before the curing process begins.

  • Any tips you can give me on working with Castable Refractory?

    Working with Castable Refractory is not like working with regular cement mix.  If you add too much water when working with cement, you just add more dry cement mix.  If you didn't add enough water, you just spray more in.  Easy Peasy.


    Castable Refactory on the other hand requires an exact amount of water to be mixed per bag to ensure the Castable cures properly.  Too much water and the Castable will be weak.  Too little water and the Castable will be too dry to pack.  Both can result in possible hairline cracking.


    The first tip is to follow the mixing instructions set forth by the Castable Refractory manufacturer!


    The second tip is to pack the Castable Refractory slowly yet firmly.  Castable is a fairly sticky and as you are packing it in the foam forms, the Castable will tend to stick to your wood dowel (the stick you are using to pack the Castable).  If you are packing the Castable loosey-goosey, the Castable will stick to your dowel and leave an air pocket and/or not pack properly.  IT IS VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOCUS WHILE PACKING THE CASTABLE!!  MAKE SURE YOU ARE PACKING IN SMALL BATCHES AND ENSURE THAT THE CASTABLE IS PACKING FIRMLY AND THERE ARE NO AIR POCKETS.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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  • Can you ship to other countries besides the US and Canada?

    Absolutely!  Please visit our International Orders page for more information.

  • What days do you ship on?  How soon will my order ship?

    We ship every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


    Due to the large size of the ovens, we can only ship via FedEx Ground.  If you live on the West Coast, it takes about 3-4 business days for order delivery. If you live on the East coast, it takes about 6 business days.

  • My entire order hasn't arrived yet.  Do deliveries occur on different days?

    Yes.  Depending on what products you ordered, the delivery dates of each item may vary as several products are drop-shipped from the manufacturer.  Since we work with regional distributors, our delivery date and their delivery date may differ.

  • How do I track my order?  Where is the Shipping / Tracking Number?

    When we process your order, we auto-generate your FedEx Ground shipping labels.  After we place the labels on your product(s), our super-cool FedEx rep pulls up to the warehouse and scans the labels on each box before delicately placing your order in their truck.  When this scan occurs, you are automatically sent an email with your tracking numbers from FedEx.  To track your packages, simply open the email from FedEx that reads "FedEx MPS Shipment Notification" and click on the link that reads "Tracking Number" or "Master Tracking Number".


    Once you click on the link, you will see the status of you order and an ETA of when your packages will arrive to your requested Ship-To address.

  • I needed the kit yesterday!  Can you overnight or 2-day the order?

    Shipping the Mattone Barile Grande from our warehouse to Pittsburgh via our standard shipping method (FedEx Ground) costs about $60!  If you were to overnight that box, you are looking at $400.. and $300 for 2 day!  YIKES!


    We ship within 24-48 hours of receiving your order, so if you can, please readjust your schedule so your order can ship via standard FedEx Ground.  Your wallet will thank you!

  • Can you ship the oven via USPS instead of FedEx or UPS?

    BrickWood Ovens boxes are BIG... USPS trucks are small...  It's a No-Go...


    Most of our oven forms, molds and accessories are shipped in boxes that are larger than USPS size limits.


  • 30 Day Refund Policy

    Items can be returned for a refund within 30 days of your order date if items are unused and in re-sellable condition.


    Before you return your order, we will need for you to request an Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA).  This can be done by emailing our Shipping & Receiving department by clicking on this link - Returns.  Be sure to include your order number with your return request.


    After you receive your RMA number, write the number on the outside of all the boxes you are returning.   Take those boxes to your local Authorized UPS or FedEx shipper and send the boxes to the address on your RMA.  BrickWood Ovens is not responsible for return shipping charges.


    Once we receive the return and verify that the items are unused and in re-sellable condition, we will process a credit / refund in the form of payment used to make your purchase.  You can expect to receive your refund within two weeks of shipping your package back to us.


    Please Note – While we do offer “Free Shipping” on many of our products, shipping is not free for us.  In fact, shipping our products across the country is quite expensive!  To offset the costs of shipping your products, we do charge “FedEx Surcharge” up to 25% on all returned items.  This charge basically helps us recover the costs of the actual shipping charges of the initial shipment.

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