46" Mattone Cupola

The Big Kahuna!  This is one big oven folks.. and only a handful of people would need this monster.  If you are planning on building a large mobile pizza oven or you're cooking at events like state fairs or concerts, this oven might be up your alley!  Bake 20 loaves of bread at a time.. or 10 pizzas.. but keep in mind, you may need an extra set of eyes on the oven at all times.. again, she's a big one!

●  America's LEAST expensive Castable Refractory Dome Oven!

●  Do-It-Yourself and save hundreds over prefabricated ovens.

●  Excellent size for 120 - 200+ people!  Great for LARGE events!

●  Perfectly rounded interior dome ceiling for even cooking.

●  Low 16" dome ceiling cooks hotter and faster!

●  Optional door seals entire oven for superb heat retention.

●  It only takes 2 hours to mix, pour and pack!  Really!

●  SUPER SOLID 1-piece oven!  No seems or joints.

●  Super-easy to build with step-by-step directions

●  Build the base and oven in just 2 weekends (or less)

●  Average Finished Cost for Well Equipped Oven - $3400!


Model Number

Interior Width / Depth / Height

Exterior Width / Depth / Height

Cooking Surface Area

Weight of Oven

Oven Type

Oven Temperature

Average PPH (Pizzas Per Hour)

Average Time to Build Base  (1 person)

Average Time to Build Oven  (1 person)

Average Cost to Build Base

Average Cost to  Build  the Oven

Average Cost to Build Finished Oven

(Blanket, Door, DuraTech Exhaust, Firebrick, Stucco, etc..)


46" / 58" / 16"

61" / 54" / 19"

1942 Sq Inches


Castable Refractory


80 - 120

18 Hours

14 Hours




We've owned our Mattone Cupola dome oven for several years now and we can't express how much we love our oven.  It has far exceed our highest expectations!  We have had so many events centered around our oven that half our family pictures have our oven in the background.  We Love It!

- D. Cronin, Bellingham, WA

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