The Boguslavsky Family Wood-Fired Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven in New Jersey

"Thank you for inspiring me to do this and for bringing forth the idea of getting the kids involved.  My son (age 5) is begging not to go to camp on Friday so that he can help with the oven build again!  When all was said and done, I’d say the whole project cost me around $3,100!  Truly a pittance compared to what I was quoted.


After 11 weeks of adventures the P-Day (Pizza Day) was here at last.  I fired the brick oven and said a little prayer that it would get hot enough to make pizzas.  There is supposed to be a color change in the walls of the oven as the critical cooking temperature is reach, they are supposed to turn from soot black to ash white.  Despite many a trial runs in the previous week as I was curing the oven I had yet to see this transition, ergo I had yet to see my oven turn hot enough to feed the fifty guests anticipated to grace our back yard.  With a party just a few short hours away, I fired the oven up and hoped for the best (with a backup plan to call BrickWood Ovens if the oven was a bust)!


And yet, after following the handy instructions on how to light the oven included in the oven-building instructions, first the ceiling, and then the walls turned nice and white with half an hour to spare!  The first pizza went in around 3pm and rose in front of my eyes, with the nice sourdough dough rising and blistering, cheese melting and the toppings browning!  All in all 18 pizzas were made including such delights as Cheese, Pepperoni, Roasted Red Pepper, Blanca with Garlic, Fig, Gorgonzola and Arugala, Bacon and Scallops, Pulled Pork and Jalapeno.  Then came the pumpkin sourdough with sunflower seeds.  One of 9 loaves that were baked at the same time.  The sourdough loaves (garlic and rosemary) that came out were beyond fantastic with a ridiculously crunchy crust and a soft airy interior.  Last but not least, as the party began to wind down, the guests had a few slices of my dessert pizzas, including the most-popular pizza of the night - s'more pizza with chocolate and marshmallows!  I closed the oven up and found it still around 250 degrees this morning.


So, all in all, with a ton of help from my friends and family, I can officially declare that those folks at were right when they boldly declared that: "anyone can buy a pizza oven, and anyone can build a pizza oven!" for if I can, then everyone can!"

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