The BrickWood Box Instruction Manual is the overly-detailed and ridiculously-illustrated DIY instruction manual that shows anyone with zero masonry experience how to build the world's most versatile, longest lasting, outdoor cooking system!  From Argentina-to-Zimbabwe, the BrickWood Box Installation Manual shows DIY’ers of all skill levels how to build a super fuel-efficient Wood-Fired BBQ, Meat Smoker, Pig Roaster, Chicken Rotisserie, Boiler / Fryer, Uruguayan Grill and Pizza & Bread Oven using locally sourced building materials!

What can a Wood-Fired BrickWood Box do?

Wood-fired BBQ - Flavorful Wood-Fired BBQ'ing for 1 to 1000 on a 365in², 730in² or 1095in² grilling / cooking area

Meat Smoker - A large, 8cf fully insulated real-wood meat smoker for Hot or Cold Smoking

Rotisserie - (Electric & Manual) Adjustable height for fast or slow wood-fire roasting

Pig Roaster - 90lbs of delicious charcoal-roasted Wilbur

Boil & Fry - Boil water, simmer soups and stews or fry food on Hanging Dutch Ovens

2 Heavily Insulated Ovens - An Upper Oven and Lower Oven (for Heavy-Duty baking)

Uruguayan Grill - Angled / Flat.  The 15° angle BBQs from Rare to Well-Done all at the same time

Griddles and Grills - 7 different styles (5 with Lifetime Warranties)

Operate indefinitely on abundant, low-cost (or free) firewood

Properly built, your BrickWood Box should last between 200-300 years!

What can you expect to find in the 155+ page BrickWood Box Installation Manual?

TONS of product knowledge!  We provide you with a lifetime of landscape, masonry and BBQ'ing genius.

Step-by-step instructions that are descriptively detailed (for the ladies) and have big, colorful illustrations (for the guys).

234 simple construction steps over 77 pages - virtually IMPOSSIBLE to mess-up or build incorrectly!

Money & Time-Saving Tips, Suggestions and Links.

Materials Lists for the Smoker & Non-Smoker versions of the BrickWood Box.  Down to the nail!

Designed for MINIMAL brick cutting!  Not including veneer, you can build an entire BrickWood Box with just 14 cuts!

A list of Authorized BrickWood Landscape Contractors & Masons if you're not a DIY kinda' guy.

The locations and contact information of various Materials Dealers in your area.

Pre-construction information like... Building to your regions Frost Line, Proper drainage, HOA's, etc.

Imperial-to-Metric Conversion Chart - Easily convert Imperial (US) to Metric (every other Country)

Pre-Cut Material Diagrams (so you can get all the cutting out of the way - first).

4 pages dedicated just to Brick and Stone Veneer!

Firewood / Flavor Guides for BBQ and Smoking (and what types of wood to avoid).

Answers to questions that you haven't even thought about yet!

Multiple US & International Patents Pending.

Download the BrickWood Box Installation Manual for FREE!

PC / Tablet (High Definition) - 119mb / PDF

Mobile (Faster Load Time) - 16mb / PDF



BrickWood Box Cost to Build  (Construction Materials & BrickWood Box Essentials Package)

Smoker / Lower Baking Oven Version - Around $1500

Non-Smoker Version (No Lower Oven) - Around $800



BrickWood Box Packages

BrickWood Box Installation Manual

BrickWood Box Essentials Package

Lower Oven Package

Meat Smoker Package

Pig Roaster Package

Wood-Fired Rotisserie Package (Electric) & (Manual)

304 Grade Stainless Steel BBQ Grills and Griddles

Wood-Fired BBQ Grill - Residential

Wood-Fired BBQ Grill - Commercial

Heavy-Duty Laser Cut Grill

Half-Griddle / Half-Grill

Full Size Griddle

Lodge 10 Griddle

Uruguayan Grill

Dutch Oven Extension (Boiling & Frying)

BBQ Lid / Serving Tray with Heat Retaining Lid

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