User reviews are probably one of the most important aspects of shopping online.  The focus of this page is to

showcase the reviews of actual BrickWood Ovens customers.. the DIY Warriors that built their DIY pizza ovens from the ground up.  Only a BrickWood Ovens customer can give you a true BrickWood Ovens review!

We are very pleased with the Mattone Barile Grande Pizza Oven Form.  It was easy to follow the installation instructions. The only concern I had was with the quality of the foam form before it arrived, but it was more than strong enough to handle the punishment we delivered.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Adams Family

This has been a dream of mine for years, and now it’s a reality.  What a great family project!  All the kids helped throughout the entire project and learned new skills.  The neighbors, family and friends all love it.  Did I mention the pizza is incredible? Thank you BrickWood Ovens - 5 stars on absolutely everything! (Click here to see our oven)

- Atkin Family

Not only was the form awesome, but the instructions were well done as well as being funny. We also loved the pizza oven photo gallery which inspired us even more. We finished the oven today, just in time for pictures. Thanks!!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Bonitata Family

I purchased this DIY pizza oven kit 2 Springs ago and am so very pleased - this product exceeded all my expectations!  Great instructions..  Great materials / suppliers lists..  Friendly customer support and accompanying examples of others projects leading out to my own artistic license on how to finish off = wonderful results!  This oven bakes the most wonderful products and fulfills that outdoors experience I crave - from wood splitting to smokey flavors!  Love this pizza oven!  THANK YOU SO MUCH BRICKWOOD OVENS!  Grade A+   (Click here to see our oven)

- Brown Family

We are so happy with our beautiful pizza oven and we added a grill on the side of it and a fire pit to the other side of it.  It is the center of attention in our backyard and always a conversation piece when we entertain friends and family.  We would definitely recommend BrickWood ovens to anyone we know!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Calautti Family

Since building it 4 years ago, we have had many wonderful experiences.  I am now a true pizza snob.  Thank you BrickWood Ovens for making this possible!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Casale Family

I had my reservations when my wife suggested that I build a backyard wood fired pizza oven.  I found your company in a Google search and I thought I'd give it a shot.  I ordered the form for the Mattone Barile Grande Oven and downloaded the detailed instructions for both the 47" x 60" insulated base as well as the oven.  The instructions were comprehensive, easy to read and follow, and my family & friends rave about this project and the pizzas I've made to date.  I anticipate many years of great gatherings centered around our wood-fired pizza oven.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Conti Family

I had a great time building the Cortile Barile!  Most definitely one of the more enjoyable DIY projects I've ever done.  I'm very impressed at how much heat this oven holds, and how long it holds it.  I fired it up last night and the surface temperature was about 850 degrees after an hour.  After a couple hours with the fire burned completely down to ash and a few glowing embers it was still nearly 600 degrees in there.  I shoveled the embers out to do some baking and the temp dropped to about 450, but it stayed there for a VERY long time.  I checked the oven 6 hours later and it was still around 350 in there.  Truly amazing!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Fas Family

Our Family (and ALL our friends) LOVE our BrickWood Ovens Pizza Oven!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Finley Family

I had a ball building the oven and have been using it a lot, even through the winter - everything from pizza to smoking meat and cooking burgers. Just love the thing!  It was a great project and I pretty much did it all by myself.  I've never laid a brick, block or or stone, but I got it done in a month. Thanks for the kit and advice as I went along. Tom......!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Garwood Family

Here's the oven my son and I build in 2015.  It was a super fun project which we enjoyed every minute of!  We love cooking in our oven - pizza, meats, fish, veggies...  Everything turns out fantastic!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Hancock Family

We love the oven!  We just did a thanksgiving turkey that was excellent and pizza is outstanding!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Hewitt Family

Thanks for your great products!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Jenkins Family

The oven was very easy to build and the plans and materials lists were very accurate.  The finished oven cooks great and at a fraction of the cost of buying an already constructed product.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Jimenez Family

Absolutely love our pizza oven!  Friends and neighbors are can smell the wood burning when we fire it up and come over for delicious homemade pizza.  Best purchase and home improvement project ever!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Killen Family

It all started with a granite picnic table that is over sixty years old.  We decided to add a patio and a pizza oven to make it a great outdoor entertainment area.  The package #3 and the instructions were very clear for a novice pizza oven builder!  I recommend having a pizza oven for anyone who likes to entertain.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Leonard Family

I had been determined for years to build a wood fired pizza oven, and had chosen another brand, but it was so expensive.  Luckily, I found your website and it was just what I was looking for.  I couldn't believe the price, and the instructions were free to download.  I have never tried any brick work before, but your instructions were easy.  We now have the best pizza in the world twice a month.  My family and friends also love it.  It also does a great job on Pork Loin.  I have recommended this kit to several friends already.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Long Family

We love the oven!  Thanks so much for a great product.  We are looking forward to many memories and pizzas to go with them!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Loveall Family

We had a lot of fun building our oven.  It was a real family affair!  My husband and oldest son did all the grunt work building the base and pouring the cement.  My younger son and I built the dome and the details.  My son Stephen designed and built the clay plaque of the family crest on the front.  We enjoy pizza, steak and all kinds of food in the oven.  So happy we did it!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Marinelli Family

I love to make things; building it is always half the fun.  But with a pizza oven, I get to build the oven and then enjoy it every time I use it when I make pizzas.  We have been making pizzas at home in the oven on a stone every Friday night for ten years.  This year, I decided to level up and build a pizza oven.  I also love to bake bread, so this will work nicely for that as well.  The oven is beautiful and functions well.  It was easy enough that it turned out great even though it was my first masonry project.  We love our new BrickWood Oven!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Mauery Family

BrickWood Ovens was always there to answer any questions I had throughout the build as well, which was a pleasant surprise and a welcome one.  We have been using the oven for a little over a month now and it is performing better than expected...  only problem is the waist-line LOL ...  eating Pizza a few times a week while tasty tends to stick around longer than I'd like.  Highly recommend if you are in the market for a Pizza Oven this is the kit to buy, you won't regret it!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- McClure Family

The kit and instructions made the project progress with ease.  The completed project has enhanced our patio.  Everyone who has seen it loves it.  Thanks for providing such a great DIY project!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Montz Family

My 3 sons and I built the Mattone Barile Grande oven.  While never having done anything like this before, the project has been an absolute blast!  Not only do we now get great pizza, but we actually learned a few things about building.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Phelan Family

We love our pizza oven!  It’s such a fun and interactive way to have a casual dinner party and our guests say it is the best pizza they have had!  It was a fun (but long) project.  The weekend project took us about 9 months from start to finish, but we worked on it between other projects.  Thank you for your easy to follow and complete instructions.  You will be getting other orders from our friends and family as everyone loves it!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Poff Family

If you want to build a quality pizza oven, this form comes with the super easy-to-follow directions.  You will impress yourself with the finished oven - and impress everyone else!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Ripoli Family

The oven and fireplace were completed in July 2016.  We absolutely love our oven!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Roy Family

We used landscape blocks rather than cement blocks to tie it seamlessly into deck.  We also colored the concrete to match the landscape blocks (and slate I used for facing and tops).  These factors made the project a bit more challenging but overall we are VERY happy with the result, both visually and taste bud-wise! Recommend one reads the instructions thoroughly AND print out pictures from Photo Gallery from those saints who posted step-by-step construction pics.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Schumack Family

I did a lot of research on pizza ovens and BrickWood Ovens seemed like the obvious choice.  I wasn't disappointed!   The instructions were clear and easy to follow and building it out was smooth.  Our Mattone Barile Grande Pkg 4 is great!

I'd recommend BrickWood to anyone interested in adding a pizza oven.  The oven has turned out very well and been used by customers more than myself.  It cranks the heat fast and we can cook pizza in 3-4 mins.  Beans in 2 hrs and Breads about 30 minutes.  We are very happy!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Tubman Family

My 11 year old loved the process.  Super cool oven is a bonus, feels like a work of art.  Thanks for the great instructions and help planting the seeds for building stuff.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Wagner Family

We took-on this project one weekend last summer, and with no brick laying skills (but after reading and re-reading the instructions), made a go at it.  It’s not perfect, but it takes making pizza to a whole new level with family and friends.  We look forward to many pizza / pool parties!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Ward Family

Our HOA turned a vacant lot into a 'Shade Tree Park' here in Southern Arizona.  Complete with walking path, ramada, and beautiful BrickWood Oven.  The oven is used as much as a fireplace as it is for cooking.  All labor for the project was done by volunteers and now everyone has a great place to enjoy.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Welsh Family

We are really enjoying our oven!  The kit and instructions were great.  Whenever I called with questions, the customer service was always outstanding.  Thank you!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Williams Family

WE LOVE THE PIZZA OVEN!  It is the perfect addition to my outdoor area and fits perfectly with built in Grill / Smoker / Keg and TV!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Yockey Family

I just wanted to share the process with you because of all your help we were able to complete it.  Your website, product and support are top notch.  It cost us about $1,700 for the whole thing to make.  We were given an estimate of $5,000 for a professional to do it.  And I'm certain it wouldn't have been the detail and quality that you instructed us with.  So many friends and family are amazed by this and we brag about you guys all the time.  The process was quite incredible and now that we are looking back at it we're even more amazed that we pulled it off.  My husband and his son literally did small steps at a time.  We love it so much - and so does the neighborhood (HA!).  (Click here to see our oven)

- Trotta Family

Great instructions!  It made for a great family do-it-yourself project.  Thanks Guys!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Bates Family

Fireplace/Pizza oven combination - First time we've done block and brick work. We added a gas starter to the fireplace. Now it's time to work on perfecting my recipes. I think it turned out GREAT!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Rainwater Family

The 'Kahn Oven' (and BBQ island...). I went old school and did an in-place monolithic pour for the oven floor rather than doing 3 individual pieces. In addition to the blanket wrap insulation, I also filled the void between the outside of the oven and the facade with vermiculite for additional insulation. Have the exhaust kit with the adjustable damper and the front door - All works great. Considering putting a 'lip' of bricks on the inner front edge to try and retain more heat INSIDE the oven instead of it coming out and up the front...  (Click here to see our oven)

- Kahn Family

Makes Great Pizza!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Doyle Family

I I have gone a little different on this build than what the plans call for... Opa!!!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Konstantinides Family

My company designs DIY outdoor fireplace kits and we ONLY recommend BrickWood Ovens pizza ovens for our customers.  They are easy to build and are the least expensive oven kit on the market - yet function EXTREMELY well.  We've had a strong relationship with BrickWood for over 6 years and love the service they provide to our customers.  The pictures I'm sending are from a customer in Tucson that used our Prescott DIY Outdoor Fireplace instructions and the Mattone Barile Grande kit.  (Click here to see our oven)

- McKenna Family

The Sandolfini Oven....West Virginian's love pizza!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Sandolfini Family

Hey Guys - Here's our outdoor fireplace (Rumsford) and pizza oven pics that we built for one of our customers.  Came out awesome - Thanks!  3rd time customer!   (Click here to see our oven)

- Domaco Masonry

We love our BrickWood Oven… and so do all our family, friends and neighbors!  Thank you!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Schwartz Family

We absolutely love our pizza oven and fireplace!   (Click here to see our oven)

- Nichols Family

In Iowa, we have to get below the 42" frost line, so I decided since I was already down there, I would make a larger project out of it. Three summers later and we had our first of several dozen pies.  Thank You Brickwood Ovens for the inspiration and instruction.  I do not like to be envied, but with this oven in our backyard, it cannot be helped.  (Click here to see our oven)

- Rosenburg Family

Built this Field Stone Oven with your plans, the Mattone Barile Grande form and rock wall field stones from my property.  Came out great!! Five Star Review!!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Desjardins Family

Love, love, love our BrickWood Oven!!  We have made more than pizza - We have done wings, beef roast, ribs...  Enjoying it more than expected!  It's GREAT for entertaining a group of friends and family!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Shorey Family

We call our oven, "The Pitbull Pizza Pit".  Loved the oven construction process - check out the photos we sent.  Great project guys - Thanks!   (Click here to see our oven)

- Reimer Family

Pizza oven & fireplace built by The Brick & Stone Artist -  (Click here to see our oven)

- Blanchard Masonry

This thing is turning out the best pizzas on the planet! Very fun!!!!  (Click here to see our oven)

- Kerley Family

That was an awesome experience building this oven and turned out a lot better than we expected!

Posted by C. Beeney on 28 January 2017

It was fun for the whole family!  My youngest boy says it kind looks Medieval!  I would like to thank everyone that helped me, especially my son Brock. 

(Click here to see our oven)

Exactly as Advertised!

Posted by M. Cochrane on 20 December 2016

If you follow the easy step by step instructions, you can’t fail. Very easy to follow, but it was just a little more difficult to build than I thought it would be (for one person) but it was well worth it. It’s amazing how hot the pizza oven can get.  Love every bite!   (Click here to see our oven)

Dream Oven!

Posted by P. DeBrino on 12 January 2017

My wonderful husband built the pizza oven of his dreams!   (Click here to see our oven)

Dickson's Asheville Oven

Posted by W. Dickson on 12 August 2016

We purchased the Package #1 which I think was an excellent combination.  The materials provided were of good quality, the instructions generally complete and assembling the oven was an interesting and fun experience.   (Click here to see our oven)

Building the oven was lots of fun

Posted by P. Doescher on 6 February 2016

The project was involved and it's great to have an oven big enough to cook anything.  It takes a little practice to get the fire right for cooking pizzas, but they are delicious!   (Click here to see our oven)

A Great Project and Great Product

Posted by P. Evangelista on 31 January 2017

My wife and I had a great time working on this project together! The step-by-step instructions made it very manageable and clearly set our expectations in terms of budgeting time and expense. We finished just before winter set in, but have been enjoying hosting pizza parties anyway. I chuckle every time I see the fire burning inside at several hundred degrees, while snow sits on the outside of the oven dome.   (Click here to see our oven)

Our oven hearkens back to the wood-fired ovens of my home town in Tuscany

Posted by E. Frediani on 9 January 2017

Our oven is 9ft off the ground and sits in a foundation supported by (4) 6x6's attached to 4ft concrete pillars (2ft underground to deal with frost line).  On a side note of my building of this oven, it hearkens back to the wood-fired ovens of my home town in Tuscany.  I left as a child of 5 in 1956.  One of my fondest memories is walking down to the small piazza with my dad to pick up bread fresh out of the towns ovens.  This has been a fun filled effort made so much easier by your system.  Thank You!   (Click here to see our oven)

Thanks for the Great Product!

Posted by D. Horvitz on 29 April 2016

For our family of four, with the occasional fifteen or so guests, the 28” cupola works just fine and we are happy we purchased it.  Thanks for a great product!  (Click here to see our oven)

The BrickWood Ovens Mattone Barile Grande brick oven is awesome!

Posted by J. Hulett on 26 December 2016

From price to explicate directions - it's the best.  The heat blanket is very imperative, what a great design!  (Click here to see our oven)

The prime rib and turkey came out amazing.. and the chocolate chip cookies are terrific too!

Posted by B & M Kolodziej on 12 January 2017

What a great project!  The plans were easy to follow and we are loving our new wood-fired oven.  We use it for more than just pizza - Prime Rib and Turkey came out amazing, and the Chocolate chip cookies are terrific, too!  (Click here to see our oven)

Great & Easy to follow Instructions and Excellent Support.

Posted by K. Lang on 26 September 2016

We have wanted a pizza oven for some time but we have zero masonry experience.  The Installation Instructions were very easy to follow, and emails requesting guidance were always answered within a day.  Still fine tuning the pizza making process, but the oven is now a center piece to our cottage!  A functional art piece!  (Click here to see our oven)

A Great Experience!

Posted by C. Martin on 22 November 2016

The directions were easy follow and made for a fun summer project!  (Click here to see our oven)


Posted by B. Moucka on 29 January 2016

Our BrickWood Oven has exceeded all of our expectations!  (Click here to see our oven)


Posted by E. Popke on 5 October 2016

The pizza is delicious… and so are the smores!  (Click here to see our oven)

The GREAT installation instructions made it very easy!

Posted by H. Woerner on 27 January 2017

Our BrickWood Ovens pizza oven kit took just 3 weekends (Sat & Sun) from start to finish.  (Click here to see our oven)

In the last 3 weeks I have cooked 22 pizzas and it was just fragging fun!!

Posted by C. Brown on 6 July 2016

After building the oven I cooked every Saturday until I figured out the dough, temperature, sauce and cook timing.  There were a lot of issues as it was too hot or not hot enough, not working the peel right.  But at this point all my family and friends love what comes out of the oven.  On the 4th of July I cooked 10 pizzas for 10 people and there were no left overs but a lot of happy guests.  I truly LOVE this oven!  (Click here to see our oven)

DIY Pizza Oven made EASY!

Posted by T. McClellend on 17 January 2016

The Grande was just the right size for our use.  Our masons LOVED the Styrofoam mold.  (Click here to see our oven)

Got a BrickWood Oven as I wanted to have a Smoker & Dutch Oven option.

Posted by M. Roxbrough on 28 January 2018

Started the base in late Fall of 2016 and bought the kit in Spring 2017.   I was cooking pizza by Memorial Day Weekend!   Spent the rest of the summer using various materials I had to finish it off & master some dough recipies.  It's been fun!  (Click here to see our oven)

Great summer project! Excellent instructions.

Posted by C. S. Marshall on 27 November 2017

We've already had a couple of parties and we are churning out some great pizzas!! (Click here to see our oven)

We built our entire outdoor kitchen around our BrickWood Oven.

Posted by M. Perkins on 31 January 2018

We decided to build a whole outdoor kitchen around our pizza oven.  We love it!  (Click here to see our oven)

What can I say, the pictures say it all!!!

Posted by R. Steele on 9 October 2017

I am Robert Steele, a masonry Instructor at Tazewell county Career and Technical center in Tazwell, VA.  My students and I are very pleased with the oven - it has been a awesome and rewarding project!!!!   (Click here to see our oven)

This is one project I am glad is finished... but man, pizza has never tasted so good!

Posted by K. Aldrich on 5 July 2017

Well what started as a 1-man project - finished as a 1-man project. Really!  I started Feb 1st and baked our first pizza on March 15th.   The final cosmetics of stone to base and paint were not completed until July 6th, but I took my time find the correct match. Thanks BWO Team!  (Click here to see our oven)

We had such a blast putting this oven together!

Posted by P. Stasiowski on 6 September 2017

Neither one of us had any experience with concrete, mortar or masonry skills. This project taught us so much and now we get to live out our pizza making dreams. We've had three pizza parties since completing the oven in July. It may not show in the pictures but my wife was 30 weeks pregnant when we finished. She was a real trooper through the WHOLE project. Thanks Brickwood Ovens for the incredible plans and shopping list! Paul, Katherine and newborn Owen! (Click here to see our oven)

After 3 years of use, we still LOVE our oven!

Posted by C. Traughber on 19 September 2017

Our pizza oven is 3 years old now - And we love it!  Sorry about the late review!  (Click here to see our oven)

Pizza oven with grill, smoker and fire pit.

Posted by R. Rusnak on 4 February 2017

The Mattone Barile Grande kit was easy to build for a first-time masonry project.  (Click here to see our oven)

Everyone knows where our house is now!  But is that a good thing?

Posted by J. V. Wedmore on 28 February 2018

Your Mattone Barile Oven kit started us on a huge makeover of just under a quarter acre of our property.  By the time we were finished with our DIY project, we had a wood-burning pizza oven and a wood-burning BBQ, a stainless commercial counter top, a bocce court, an outdoor chess set, a new deck around a large tree for our outdoor Jenga game, two 8-top concrete tables with propane fire bowls in the centers, a new corrugated tin and redwood fence, outdoor lighting and a 3-hole putting green.  In November, our Italian-born friend served up pizzas to order for our party of over 75 friends of all ages.  We can't say this wasn't a lot of hard work and that the costs would have been astronomical if we hadn't re-purposed lots of salvage "treasures" my husband, Jim, has been collecting over the years, including glass blocks we added to the exterior of the wood-burning pizza oven base.  With the recent purchase of outdoor infrared propane heaters, we're enjoying this outdoor space year 'round and we've taken the pizza-making lessons from our Italian friend, Antonio, to heart, learning how to make a pretty decent pizza these days!  We live on road that sees a fair amount of traffic due to Santa Ynez Valley Union High School's location near us.  We need only say the cross streets where our home is located and invariably someone will say...  Oh, is your house the one with the pizza oven and bocce court?  It looks like it's a park!   (Click here to see our oven)


Posted by F. Toscano on 6 April 2018

Thanks for making this all possible. (Click here to see our oven)

Mattone Barile Grande Kit #3 Review

Posted by D. Smith on 28 December 2016

Five stars from this DIY'er!!  This is a well-conceived and practical way to build a primissimo brick oven at a fraction of the cost of others.  Instructions were clear and the information was complete.  This was a fun project we will enjoy for many years.  Many thanks BrickWood!

Just what I needed

Posted by J. Baker on 5 April 2016

The oven building package was great.  The instructions were great and the project went smoothly.  Thanks!

This project was Easy as Pie!

Posted by D. Bobes on 30 January 2016

I did a ton of research before I decided on the BrickWood Oven Mattone Cupola pizza oven kit.  We researched several brands before pulling the trigger on this project - and I am glad that we decided on this one! The kit was straight forward and the construction process is laid out in the easy-to-follow installation instructions.


The project was challenging without problem solving, and the folks from BrickWood were incredibly kind and helpful along the way. The kit allows the end user a great deal of personal creativity on the finish of the oven to match the owners personality and skill level. On the business end of the project, the oven preforms as advertised. It gets hot and stays hot.

Good value!

Posted by J. Brach on 27 January 2106

I have masonry experience, but the styrofoam form was a HUGE time saver for the build.  Everything fit perfectly and it even has guides for the inside mortar joint spacing.  Getting the form out was a bit of a challenge, but not too hard.  The cooking tools that came with it were good quality.  The instructions were very detailed and easy to follow.  Completed oven works like I hoped it would.

Couldn't be Happier!!!!!!!!!

Posted by T. Brennan on 3 February 2016

We built our oven in just a month of weekends.  It was the best DIY project we have ever done.  The directions were outstanding and it couldn't have been any easier.  Thank you Brickwood Ovens!

We LOVE our BrickWood Oven!

Posted by A. Brody on 24 December 2016

We ordered the Cortile Barile and the directions were very easy to follow.  The customer service was fantastic and the oven is a blast.  It did take us longer than we thought, but worth it.  Some days I wish we had gone bigger.

Making the neighbors jealous.

Posted by E. Clarke on 16 July 2016

Well, who doesn't want a pizza oven in their backyard? I'm a pretty handy guy so when I decided to get a pizza oven for the yard I wanted to make it myself.  The nice thing about the BrickWood Ovens website is it allows you to do as much or as little as you want to get the pizza oven in your yard.  I just bought the Mattone Barile form and started from there.  Ultimately, the instructions provided are quite easy to follow, even for a beginner, just take your time and the frustration will be minimized.  The pizza oven will be around for a long time, and you'll want it to look good for all your pizza parties!

Grande form!

Posted by D. Clement on 2 August 2016

The form did a "Grande" job for the oven I built. The only easy method to remove the form is to cut it out with a sawzall. I will continue to use your products on my second pizza oven at my "Man Cave". Thanks again for your fine products!

A review of the Second BrickWood Oven we’ve purchased

Posted by J. Cotie on 24 March 2016

We purchased this oven for our take-out restaurant and it is working great - pizza sales are going very well.  Maybe we should become a dealer as lots of people come to see the oven - try the pizza and want to build one for their back yard.  Great company to deal with - reasonable price to enjoy in your backyard.

Some Construction Tips

Posted by J. Darden on 10 October 2016

This was a great project and I'm very happy with the results.  I purchased the Mattone Barile Grande - Package 3.  For me this was not a 2 weekend project (more like 6 weekends).  It was a lot of work, but if you follow the excellent instructions and take your time, you will end up with a great oven.  I do have a little masonry / construction experience so that helped but honestly, I think anyone with the desire can do this.  I've used the oven several times now and the pizza are turning out great!


Posted by I. Eckelberger on 18 October 2016

Very good plans and installation instructions and the photo gallery that show other customers' oven projects helps a lot for ideas.

I selected BrickWood Ovens for several reasons…

Posted by R. Fischer on 17 November 2016

I selected BrickWood Ovens for several reasons –

1.  I can do masonry work, but I’m not great at it.

2.  I wanted something that would go faster than a brick and mortar oven build.

3.  I wanted a smallish oven.

4.  I wanted to buy from a company that had good customer support, just in case.  BrickWood seemed, at least reading reviews, to have a great reputation for customer service.  It has proven to be a well-deserved reputation (Kevin answers email on the weekends!)

BrickWood Ovens Instructions are the BEST!

Posted by K. Glover on 3 February 2016

The instructions for building the oven have been as close to perfect as you can get.  Everything goes smoothly if you follow all directions.

Great Form!

Posted by B. Gooch on 5 December 2016

Great Form!  It was EXTREMELY helpful when building the oven of our dreams!  Thank you.

Simply the BEST way to build your oven!

Posted by D. Hagel on 8 August 2016

I had no idea how to build my oven, but luckily I found BrickWood Ovens.  Their product made the build quick and easy.  I was also able to save the pizza oven mold in case I moved and wanted to build another oven.  Best idea was to use their mold.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Couldn't ask for a better product!

Posted by R. Ham on 20 June 2016

This kit was perfect.  From the Materials List to the instructions to the finished product - nothing was left out.  The best result was the first pie to come out!  Since then, because of the heat retention, we've cooked multiple pies and then put in some baked bean pots and a covered casserole dish for the next day’s meal.  We couldn't have asked for a better product!

Great oven and fun project to build.

Posted by G. Heit on 23 April 2016

The instructions are clear and easy to understand, even for a guy like me who never played a brick in his life.  Thanks to BrickWood Ovens, I got a great pizza oven in the backyard.   By building our oven this way, we saved thousands of $$$.  The oven works great and we get our pizza done the right way.   While I don't plan on eating pizza every day,  I do look forward to making roasts, steaks and burgers  in the oven as well.  Great deal.  Great help.  Great product!   I would recommend it to anybody that wants to build one.

I love my BrickWood Oven!

Posted by T. Jackson on 18 July 2016

I LOVE my BrickWood Oven!!!  Thank You!!!

Piece of Art!

Posted by M. Krellwitz on 17 December 2016

Love this oven!  Great instructions and we could not have been happier with the results.  It is beautiful on my porch - a work of art!!  Still figuring out everything I can cook in this oven - but it certainly has made our house the party house!

Great Kit and Good Installation Instructions.

Posted by M. William on 11 November 2016

Great kit and good instructions. We had fun with the project and are really enjoying cooking in it!

Excellent Quality!

Posted by G. Merlola on 15 June 2015

The material is first class and the form is great in its details.  The door is heavy and has a pleasing look.

A Great Summer Project

Posted by S. Meyers on 2 May 2106

I have been very pleased at the result we achieved with our project.  We have been enjoying some wonderful parties and pizza this fall.  Although we have not finished and will get back to you with pics of the completed project, we wanted to share our progress so far.  Here is a link to our pictures.  As you will see, we really went way past the instructions and did something truly unique and awesome!!  Thanks so much for your inspiration and pictures.

Awesome Experience!

Posted by J. Montalbano on 1 December 2016

I took my time with the kit and completed the task in about 2 1/2 months.  I pretty much did it by myself with the exception of the slabs being lifted up on the frame I had built.  I started cooking my pizzas and the whole family really enjoys them.  I also seem to have acquired more Facebook friends as they will want to come over and have pizza!

Great oven!  Great pizza!

Posted by T. Nechyba on 2 April 2016

This has been an absolutely wonderful experience.  The instructions for building the pizza oven are extremely clear, and it all came together beautifully.  Definitely recommend getting a cement mixer for mixing the concrete for the various components.  I did most of it by myself and only needed assistance lifting some concrete slabs into place.  A very satisfying project with great pizza at the end.  Incredible steak, great chicken and pizza in 3 minutes!


Posted by A. Neri on 14 January 2016

Wow!  This has been one of the most rewarding projects I've taken on.  Anyone with a little handy-man talent can achieve the task.  The directions are easy to follow with a little of interpretation.  It’s a lot of fun from beginning-to-end, especially talking about the project with your friends.  Everyone waited in anticipation for the completion of the oven and the first pizza… Which was delicious!  Thank you BrickWood Ovens!

Mattone Barile Grande - Package 3 Review

Posted by P. O'Neil on 30 October 2016

The Mattone Barile Grande wood-fired oven was installed this past fall and is working great.  We fired it up a few times with some family gatherings and the pizzas were supreme. I have yet to cook anything but pizza however I am a chef at heart and once the weather breaks will be using it quite often for other foods beyond pizza. We built the oven as part of an outdoor kitchen and faced this all off with natural stone. The counter top is granite to withstand the heat of the oven and due to it being easily cleaned. All said, this is an oven I have recommended to many others. The local mason that did the work will soon be calling you with new orders. The mason commented that the directions were straight forward and accurate. Regards, Pete

Great Product and E-A-S-Y to build.

Posted by D. Parsons on 3 February 2016

The full package could not have been a better way of getting all the material to complete my oven project.  It came with all the items needed to build the oven with some extra material to spare (so you can make some mistakes).   It was a great package and the easy-to-follow instructions made the whole job go easy peasy.  After checking with a local block supply company, I found a great deal of savings by purchasing this package.

Petruzzi Oven Review

Posted by A. Petruzzi on 19 April 2016

It took me longer than what the allotted suggested time was, also, you need more than two people to move the base.  Besides that, it is a great finished product and I was able to complete it with little masonry skills.

Fantastic Oven

Posted by C. Seeman on 3 August 2016

I highly recommend the Mattone Barile Grande foam mold.  It was perfect and was very straight forward for installing the fire bricks to form the main oven arch.  After that, a little creativity and imagination resulted in the oven we always wanted.  The instructions were spot on for finishing the oven although I took some liberties to use Calcium Silicate panels under the cooking surface instead of sand and built out the front a little.  The external design of the oven is up to you so look through the photo gallery for ideas.  Follow the instructions and you will be very satisfied with the results.  We are very proud of the finished product and will have trouble keeping friends away now.

A spectacular addition to our Restaurant and Brewery!!!

Posted by S. Skinner on 13 August 2016

Our oven cooks a pizza in less than 2 minutes to perfection – everyone loves it!  At least 2 people a day ask who made it or they say "That oven must have cost you a fortune".  To us, it’s not just a pizza oven, it’s a work of art!  Thanks BrickWood Ovens!

Very Excited!

Posted by L. Soderlund on 3 February 2016

The directions were spot-on and I would recommend this oven kit to everyone.  Make sure you wear gloves while blocking and bricking (my fingers got the brunt of it).  You may also like to set up an easy-up tent as the sun this summer was brutal.    Just wondering how much each slice is gunna cost people.  $30?  $40?

Weekend Warrior Life Saver

Posted by E. Vanzee on 19 November 2016

As a weekend warrior and not a professional mason, there was no way to have done this project without the oven form.  Happy Wife - Happy Life!  Project done!

Grande Oven!

Posted by J. Branch on 3 February 2016

I had researched wood fired ovens for quite a while and it is easy to get confused by all the opinions and design options. I decided to order the Barile Grande kit and was glad I did!  It was nice that you could read the detailed directions before ordering. I am familiar with masonry construction and was ok with building an arch form, but the styrofoam mold made construction a snap. It was a little difficult to get the styrofoam out after construction, but not a big deal.

One Year Later....

Posted by C. Darlin on 2 April 2016

My son built my pizza oven for Mother's Day last year.  The project went together well and we ended up with a great looking oven.  He was only 16 when he took this job on and neither of us had much masonry experience but we just watched videos, read the instructions, and marched on through it.  As for the pizza itself, it took some practicing but we've gotten the hang of making great pizza in it.  Thanks for a great product.

A great team effort helped build our oven

Posted by J. Bruhl on 18 April 2016

We took our time making our oven.  With the help of my two college boys and others, we finally got the oven completed.  Since I had no experience with masonry or construction, the oven was a challenge.  However, the kit and instructions made each step and details clear and simple.  After a few trial runs, we finally cracked the pizza oven code and made a batch of delicious pizza.  Crawfish pizza was a big hit.  Geaux Tigers and thanks BrickWood Ovens for the support and great products!

Much respect for Kevin & BrickWood Ovens

Posted by R. Hagerman on 14 March 2016

Hello Kevin, I just wanted to drop a note and thank you and your company for the way you handled somebody else’s mistake and took full responsibility as if it was your own - even though you had no control over it.  I greatly appreciate that!

You guys are truly “The Best”!

Posted by M. Cofer-Wildsmith on 14 March 2016

You have been amazing supports for us as we navigate this fulfilling, often very funny and challenging project.

Thank You!

Posted by E. Carafello on 16 April 2016

Hi Kevin, I’ve been cranking out amazing pizzas for 3 years now.  Thanks!!

I would be completely lost without my BrickWood Oven!

Posted by C. Bjornmose on 7 November 2016

Just a quick note to tell you guys that Ive had my oven for almost 4 years now.  I absolutely love it!  We cook chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, fish, veggies and a little pizza.  I cook about 3 - 4 times a week in summer and twice a week in winter.  I would be completely lost without it.   If your in our area come and see us and we will treat you to dinner from the oven.   Thanks again!  Chris

Thanks BWO Team!  This is one project I am glad is finished - and Pizza never tasted so good!

Posted by E. Carafello on 16 April 2016

what started as a 1-man project finished as a 1-man project. Really! Started Feb 1st and finished oven to first Pizza Mid-March. Final cosmetics of stone to base and paint were not completed until July 6th. Took time find the correct match.

What a great project!

Posted by Jeff R. on 16 July 2017

Now  that it's complete we fire up the oven every weekend.

One awesome oven!!

Posted by David A. on 28 August 2017

It's as easy as it looks - Great buy!

Great Pizza Oven

Posted by David W. on 25 September 2017

We love our new pizza oven!  Brickwood Ovens delivered everything we needed.

Love - Love - Love our Mattone Barile Grande BrickWood Oven!

Posted by Lisa P. on 11 May 2017

My husband is from Chicago and loves pizza!  I bought him the kit for his birthday and he was able to build this himself with the help of his brother, myself and a friend. It turned out awesome and we have had multiple pizza parties :) People love the food we have made, it's a great time and it looks great on our patio!

Great quality!

Posted by Jack L. on 10 May 2017

We absolutley love our oven and the  door is really heavy-duty - even better than I expected!

Thank you BrickWood Ovens for an Awesome Pizza Oven!

Posted by Clay B. on 25 May 2017

After tons of research, I decided to go with Brickwood Ovens 36" Mattone Cupola - Package 2.  It was awesome and the most economical too.  It was cheaper to have it delivered to my doorstep than buy the castable refractory locally.  I would recommend this kit to anyone!

Mattone Barile:  Overall… Very, VERY pleased!

Posted by Michael R. on 31 May 2017

I purchased the Mattone Barile full kit.  It shipped very quickly and complete.  The quality of the materials is good...  Instructions online were very helpful...  Support was also good for my questions.

You folks run a great business that cares about their customers as if they were friends.  If only every business was like that...

Posted by Horvitz R. on 1 March 2017

We built our oven last year and have been enjoying it every since.  Baked tons of bread, pizzas, pretzels, meat, fish, chicken, veggies, beans, pita, naan, and more. Lets not mention the carbonized lamb...  Yummm...  Thanks for everything!

A W E S O M E !

Posted by Daniel S. on 6 July 2017

It was a lot of work but looks A W E S O M E !

Lots of work; but well worth it...  Mmmm good!

Posted by Michael W. on 16 July 2017

Like other reviews that I've read, the entire construction (platform/base thru oven complete) took me about one month (my speed) and I'm extremely pleased with the finished product.  Had our 1st (small) pizza party last night, and the pizza was great...  Definitely a five star score from me!!!

It was a labor of love!

Posted by Ken A. on 17 July 2017

I was able to complete the project alone without much experience.  For sure wear gloves and protective clothing (and best tackled in cooler months).  Take your time, follow instructions closely and keep all receipts.  In the end there is nothing like the fun of "feeding the dragon" on the way to a perfect pizza with family and friends.

Great Instructions!

Posted by Stanff, T. on 20 September 2017

Excellent instructions and oven is great!  The only change I would recommend is start slow and work into pizza... make things like pretzels or rolls first!

We Love It!

Posted by Kevin S. on 22 August 2017

Printed instructions were a great help - I did frame counter top with 1/8" steel rather plywood and left in place.  The biggest problem is making enough dough LOL.  We love it!

Well worth the work -

Posted by Brad T. 6 September 2017

Best instructions I have ever seen and the customer service is top notch (they answer questions quickly over email).  Most importantly the family loves cooking in the new oven.

Awsome Product

Posted by Cem F. on 15 September 2017

It was so easy to make our pizza oven and was so much fun as well!  I recommend to everyone.

Having a blast with our new oven!

Posted by John S. on 30 August 2017

I am not a Mason, but with the step-by-step guidance of brickwood and their form (and some hard work), I had a fun summer project and even more fun cooking.

You've made my midlife crisis so much fun!

Posted by J. Essers on 11 May 2017

Thanks!  I love you guys!  You've made my midlife crisis so much fun!

It's a Fun Family Project!

Posted by Mike E. on 13 November 2017

Good family fun (including my Dad who's 75 years young) - cooks great pizzas at night and then bread the next day. Bought the Grande kit off different website but glad we found your site before we started the firebrick. Your fireclay motor recipe worked excellent. Overall probably around 100 hours over 8 weeks and $2,500 spent of which $300 was to add another layer of ceramic blanket and fiber board for the base. We love the big oven and could not be happier having completed it ourselves.

Excellent kit!

Posted by Kevin C. on 14 November 2017

This project turned out to be longer (yet more rewarding ) than originally planned.  The one thing that was not clear (at outset) was how much time and energy would be required to remove the styrofoam mold.  WOW.  Really calculate the overall weight - it adds up very quickly.  The skills needed are minimal, the tutorials and kit materials were very good!

A good learning experience

Posted by Colin C. on 14 November 2017

I loved that this system is so accessible.  The online instructions and the pre-made forms both made for a very easily undertaken project.  I never felt overwhelmed by the project, and my wife and I were able to complete the project without a lot of drama, for a very reasonable cost. The instructions are pretty great as-is, and the form worked fine.  The oven cooks lovely Neapolitan style pizzas. We have already used it a bunch of times, and everyone has had a blast making their own pizza.  Thanks for lowering the barrier to entry!  I might never have gotten around to actually making my own pizza oven if not for Brickwood Ovens.

We LOVE our oven!

Posted by Alan M. on 12 June 2017

I love my pizza oven!  It does take practice to make a perfect pizza - just like the directions stated there would be.

Oregon Outdoor Living

Posted by John L. on 20 November 2017

I really enjoyed using your product... It simplified and streamlined the construction process of the pizza oven giving more time to give to quality stonework.

Best Pizza Ever -

Posted by Carol N. on 3 December 2017

This was a fun project that turned out better than we ever dreamed!  We built a combo fireplace and pizza oven, following the excellent instructions for the pizza oven that came with the Mattone Barile Grande Package 3.  It took one week to complete and we have had so much fun entertaining our friends and family.  The pizza is really good but after pizza we usually put a brisket or chicken in the oven, put on the door and let it slow cook overnight. T he flavor of the meat is so good. Needless to say, we really enjoy our outdoor oven!

It was fun building, a little here... a little there...  It came out looking real good!

Posted by Doug E. on 10 December 2017

The instructions were outstanding and the support from Brickwood when I had questions was perfect.  I did about 90% of the build myself, it really is that easy.  It took me a couple of months to complete, only because life tends to get in the way of the things you want to do. I decided to use a metal structure instead of the block for the base as I had some steel I wanted to use up. Other than that I followed the instructions.  I think the most difficult part was mining out the foam form that makes the dome of the oven.

Mattone Grande - Very Satisfied!

Posted by Jan H. on 21 December 2017

Oven is complete and first pizza has been cooked!  In general the directions were well written and easy to follow. I read the entire directions through prior to starting however there were a few steps along the way where I got caught up working and did not realize that after completing that step I wold have to wait for a period of time before moving on.  I learned to read ahead each day.  Overall I am very satisfied with the materials and package I bought and the envy of my neighbors and friends.

We have recommended your product many times already :)

Posted by Jim D. on 18 January 2018

The form worked great and it was a blast constructing the oven from fieldstone from my property.  I've had nothing but compliments and questions on how I buiit it and what i used.


Posted by Robert H. on 18 January 2018

I absolutely LOVE my BrickWood Oven, the ease to build it and the detailed parts listing and step by step instructions leave nothing to wonder about.  I live in Maine and use my oven all the time.  Not long ago it I had a pizza party and cooked 12 pies for friends and family , then loaded the baked beans in and closed it up.  The temps that night fell to single digits and when I awoke and took the beans out the oven was still 180 degrees.  My oven is the center piece to my outdoor kitchen and I couldn't be happier to be a proud owner of a BrickWood Oven.

I am cooking everything in there!

Posted by Brian M. on 20 January 2018

I ordered the full brick pacakage and almost everything I needed was delivered - and found this be the right move.  The form for the oven is fool proof!  What I didn't know is that it comes with lines marked on it so even an amateur can't go wrong.

Top Notch Quality!

Posted by Mario B. on 22 January 2018

Excellent product and quality.  I would never have been able to achieve the same, great result without this!

A great company to deal with and a great product!

Posted by Lorraine L. on 25 January 2018

We are very happy with our Mattone Barille Grande oven and very pleased with the customer service experience.  We received our entire package within less than a week of ordering.  That was a pleasant surprise.  The instructions are extremely detailed and easy to follow. We had a few points that needed clarification but any questions we asked were answered within a short time.  We had a contractor construct the oven at the same time we were installing a new patio and the mason was from Mexico. Having the directions so clearly written in Spanish and English made this project possible.  Our oven turned out beautifully!  We finished the project just before the snow and bitter cold temperatures here in Pennsylvania. Kevin encouraged us to go ahead and use the oven but be sure to bring the oven up to temp slowly.  So glad we listened to his advice since the food has been terrific.

No better way to make a wood-fired oven!

Posted by John G. on 25 January 2018

The foam form worked perfectly and the instructions were invaluable.  I sort of did a custom oven that I thought would do the job I wanted without excess expense or time. Two layers of brick, the inside one fire brick of course. The second just a solid brick. Then, a 1/2" layer of insulation, stucco wire and a one coat stucco covering with a color finish coat.  Total time on the oven, not including base, perhaps 12 man hours.

A labor of love for sure!

Posted by Maria P. on 1 February 2018

We loved that every step was listed for us, but wow... it was a labor of love too!  We had zero mortar or masonery experience and it took us a few months to complete the project (granted we also built an entire outdoor kitchen around it.).  Would I recommend it? Yes!  Absolutely YES!

Great Product!

Posted by Robert R. on 1 February 2018

We are very pleased with the results of our oven built with the Mattone Barile form.   The form and the included instructions are easy to use and the end result is great tasting pizza!!!

Looking forward to many pizza parties!

Posted by Gregory G. on 2 February 2018

The kit was great!  The online instructions made it very easy for my husband and I to build our oven.  Thanks!

We did it… and love it!

Posted by Prae on 2 February 2018

The directions and video were easy to follow. The end product works perfectly and is the most economical way to put a wood-fired oven in the backyard.  We absolutely LOVE it.

Loving our wood fired oven!!

Posted by Al S. on 3 February 2018

We had help with the building of our oven from a friend who is a mason so it was easy for us.  The step by step instructions were clear and easy to follow.  Loving our wood fired oven!!

I couldn't be more pleased with both the project itself and the final product.  Many thanks!

Posted by John M. on 4 February 2018

The plans were excellent and laid out entire project in a logical and easy to follow way.  The couple of times I had questions, the customer service folks were responsive and helpful.  I built a fairly large oven and figure it involved almost 10,000 pounds of stuff, most of it picked up in four trips to Home Depot which tested the weight capacity of my Suburban.  My wife (and me at times) thought it was over my skill set (I'm a business guy with little experience working with my hands) and I'd need to call in an expert but the plans were great and let me do everything a step at a time.  As the project took shape, I was delighted in the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction it brought.  It became well known to our friends and when folks visited, everyone wanted to hear about the project and then see the progress firsthand.  The finished product test fired to some 1200 degrees inside, while my temperature gauge showed temperatures on outside shell unaffected.  The insulation qualities of your design are simply extraordinary.  Final completion occurred as we were approaching winter and we now have snow on oven. U sing this time to review my pizza books and order various accessories we'll need for the start of large pizza parties come this Spring.

This was best purchase we've ever made!

Posted by Marisa S. on 4 February 2018

The kit was very easy to assemble and we are enjoying our oven with all our friends and family.  We have made over 100 pizzas already!  Definitely would recommend this product if you are in the market to build a brick oven.

Great Package & Excellent Customer Service!

Posted by Greg F. on 4 February 2018

Really enjoyed the pizza oven build.  Great project for the wife and I.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

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