The Buhler Family's Mobile Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven in Louisiana

"First, let me say that I had never even thought about building a brick oven until I was writing a business plan for a friend that is the executive chef at the City Club in Baton Rouge.  He has a very large oven at his house, but wanted one to take to different places.  We did a bit of research and decided to build your brick oven on a trailer.  I designed the trailer and had it built.  Then the chef, my grandson and I built the oven.   At the slow food dinner, there were seven chefs chosen to each serve a course.  My friend served the soup and bread.  I helped him make the bread which was baked in the oven.  We also made pizza for the other chefs and their helpers.   We cooked 15 pizzas in 40 minutes.  However, the pizzas were so good that many of the people that paid $150 for the dinner stopped by to get a piece.  All in all, it was a great experience.  Oh, I forgot to say that your directions are great!"

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