Welcome Contractors!


America's independent contractor will always hold a special place in the hearts of the employees of BrickWood Ovens.. we are former Landscape Contractors ourselves!  We know how hard it is to make (and keep) a dollar in today's economy and we also know the value of that dollar!  When creating BrickWood Ovens, we made sure we focused on the ease of building our ovens and bases using inexpensive, local and easy-to-find construction materials.  We also made sure that our instructions are explained clearly, featured pictures of every step during the construction process and were written in both English and Spanish.


Today's savvy contractors are turning to BrickWood Ovens when their clients ask for a wood fired pizza oven.  BrickWood offers contractors more design choices, more photos and videos of the pizza oven construction process, and most importantly, more oven for less money than any other oven.  And since you are building the oven yourself with low-cost, locally purchased materials, you are paid on the time invested in the oven construction.. not just setting a prefabricated oven on a base and calling it a day.


We work with a strong team of Authorized BrickWood Contractors across America and we would like to work with you too!  We are currently in the process of setting up an "official" contractor packet for the Authorized BrickWood Contractor program, but until it's finished, we're happily discussing the program details via the phone with interested contractors.  Thanks!

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