The Fas Family Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven in California

"I had a great time building the Cortile Barile!  Most definitely one of the more enjoyable DIY projects I've ever done.  I'm very impressed at how much heat this oven holds, and how long it holds it.  I fired it up last night and the surface temperature was about 850 degrees after an hour.  After a couple hours with the fire burned completely down to ash and a few glowing embers it was still nearly 600 degrees in there.  I shoveled the embers out to do some baking and the temp dropped to about 450, but it stayed there for a VERY long time.  I checked the oven 6 hours later and it was still around 350 in there, and that was after 7 hours of having no fire or embers in it whatsoever.  Even in the morning, 15 hours after removing the embers, it was still around 150.  Truly amazing!"

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