How To Build Fire Pit • Fire Pit Grill    $1 PLANS!

When you want an outdoor fire pit that really cooks, checkout our new Fire Pit Grill! This budget-friendly fire pit kit turns an inexpensive cinder block fire pit into a heavy-duty wood-fired BBQ grill.  In just 3 hours time, you can build a wood burning fire pit / fire pit grill that your family will enjoy for years to come!

Enjoy the delicious flavors that only naturally organic firewood can deliver.  Infuse your burgers, chicken, steak, fish, veggies and more with the smoky, fire-kissed taste from firewoods like hickory, mesquite, apple, oak and cherry. No need to purchase expensive bags of wood pellets or charcoal briquettes, and no chemical or gassy propane taste... just all-natural, flavorful and abundant firewood.

When you're finished grilling for the day and want to turn your fire pit grill back into an entertaining wood burning fire pit, simply remove the easy-to-clean cast iron grill grates... grab a box of graham crackers, marshmallows and a chocolate bar...  Time to make S'mores!

Fire Pit Grill

Step 1 - Order your Step-by-Step Installation Fire Pit Grill Instructions & Materials List

Let us show you how to build a fire pit using commonly stocked and locally sourced masonry materials with our colorful step-by-step Installation Instructions.  Each set of instructions comes with a detailed list of Materials and Tools needed to build each style of rectangular fire pit.  From a basic brick fire pit made with budget-friendly cinder block, to a more finished look with ruff and rugged split face cinder block, to an elegant, yet beefy wood fire pit that's made from tumbled landscape block, our DIY fire pit Installation Instructions cover the entire construction process of how to make a fire pit from start-to-finish!


8" x 8" x 16" Cinder Block Plans   5 Pages (13mb / PDF)

Build a stylish cinder block fire pit from commonly stocked, budget-friendly concrete block and 12" x 12" paver caps.

Split Face Block Plans - Coming Soon

Invest a few dollars more and upgrade your outdoor fire pit to split face block & caps for that clean, rugged, jagged-edge look.

Tumbled Landscape Block Plans - Coming Soon

Everyone's favorite - The tumbled landscape block wood fire pit. Rustic, stylish and easy-to-build... with ZERO block cutting!

Fire Pit Grill / Information Guide - Coming Soon

TONS of pre-build info about leveling, slabs, veneers, mortars, adhesives, types of firewood, suggestions & much, much more!

Step 2 - Purchase your Masonry Materials Locally

Once you and your family have decided on the style and finish of your backyard fire pit, your next step is to purchase all the required masonry materials and tools from your local Masonry &/or Landscape Supply Store. Your local Masonry &/or Landscape Supply Store stocks all the materials you need to build an awesome wood burning fire pit / fire pit grill on a budget you can afford!

Step 3 - Order your BrickWood Ovens Fire Pit Kit

While many Masonry & Landscape Supply stores stock the BrickWood Ovens Fire Pit Kit, sadly, some stores do not.  If you are unable to find our fire pit grill in your local masonry supply store, you can always order our fire pit grill on eBay - FIRE PIT GRILL


Every BrickWood Ovens Fire Pit Grill Kit Includes:

  • 2 Large Cast Iron Grill Grates (475 SqIn Total)
  • 2 Stainless Steel Grill Grate Brackets (304 Grade)
  • 1 Tube of NSF / Food Grade RTF High-Temp Silicone
  • Excruciatingly Detailed Installation Instructions
  • FREE FedEx Ground Delivery in Continental US


Sooo.. What do you get for $1?

Not only do you get a brand-new #10 envelope in your mailbox, but inside that envelope, you get the following AWESOME goodies!

●  A link to download our Fire Pit Grill plans!

●  A link to download ALL of our Pizza Oven & Oven Base plans!

●  A link to download our BrickWood Box Grill & Smoker plans!

●  A Promo Code that will save you up-to $200 on your oven kit!

●  George Washington's respect for the BEST $1 you ever spent!



When you are looking for the highest quality wood fired pizza oven, BBQ or smoker, look for the words Made in the USA!

While our Pizza Oven Plans & Materials Lists provide you with the information you need to build a long-lasting and highly efficient wood-fired pizza oven & base, many of our customers customize the exterior of their ovens with features and finishes to match their unique tastes and design requirements.


"BrickWood Ovens is the outdoor wood fired pizza oven authority. They know pizza ovens!  Period!"

Nick Bluth | Rustic Creek Landscaping


"As the owner of a pizzeria, I am MORE than thrilled with my outdoor brick oven... that I built myself!"

Jeff Hughes | Camp Union Pizzeria

4.89 out of 5 Stars!


"BrickWood Ovens is the only brand of outdoor pizza ovens we use when designing outdoor fireplace plans and outdoor kitchen plans for our clients."

Dan Heston | Backyard Flare

4 Styles of Pizza Oven Kits... And the BrickWood Box Outdoor Cooking System!


- Mattone Barile -

Build a personal size outdoor pizza oven with our Mattone Barile brick oven foam form. Entertain between 1 - 19 for an enjoyable evening hosting dinner parties or a cozy night for 2.

- Mattone Barile Grande -

9" longer and 4" wider than the Barile, the Mattone Barile Grande brick pizza oven provides enough room to make pizza and BBQ at the same time!

- Cortile Barile -

If you are looking for an easy DIY pizza oven to build, the Cortile Barile wood fired pizza oven is for you! With it’s low 14” ceiling, this outdoor oven is designed primarily for baking pizza & bread.

- 28" Mattone Cupola -

The 28” Cupola is our most popular dome-shaped wood burning pizza oven. An excellent blend of low-cost construction with high-value dome oven features!


BrickWood Box - Meat Smoker

A large, 8cf fully insulated real-wood meat smoker for Hot or Cold Smoking.

BrickWood Box - BBQ Grill

Flavorful Wood-Fired BBQ'ing for 1 to 1000 on a 365in², 730in² or 1095in² grilling / cooking area.

BrickWood Box - Pig Roaster

Roast up-to 90lbs of delicious charcoal roasted Wilbur in this easy-to-use cajun microwave.

BrickWood Box - Gaucho Grill

Angled or Flat.  The 15° angle BBQs from Rare to Well-Done all at the same time.

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PLEASE NOTE - The blanket may arrive a few days before or after your pizza oven kit has been delivered.

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Instructions & Customer Support


Installation Instructions & Materials Lists - Every BrickWood Ovens Pizza Oven Kit, BrickWood Box and Fire Pit Grill come with instructions on how to download our RIDICULOUSLY detailed and colorfully illustrated Installation Instructions. Even if you have ZERO masonry experience, we show you how to build a beautiful pizza oven step-by-step!

Forum & Email Support - As the owner of BrickWood Ovens, I have personally taken every question we have ever received and placed it on our beautiful new forum! If you do have a question, chances are, it's already been asked and answered on our forum.  If not - no worries!  Just shoot me an email and I will answer your question w/in 24 hours!

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