The Gehley Family Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven in California

"My husband retired a year ago and wanted to do something special at our home that our entire family could enjoy.  We host weekly Sunday dinners for our grown family (2 daughters, their husbands and 4 grandchildren).  He decided it would be really fun to add a new dimension to our family dinners with an outdoor  wood fired pizza oven and spent several weeks researching pizza ovens online.  We chose your product and have never looked back.  In fact, if it weren't for your product, we probably wouldn't have done the project at all.


We placed the oven between our patio and vegetable garden (next to our offset smoker) and it has become a real centerpiece in our back yard.  Your instructions were clear and easy to follow and he is super happy with his choice.  Gary had no previous experience with this type of project, so he enlisted the help of one of sons-in-law, Michael, who has experience with masonry and cement.  Michael had never built a pizza oven, either, but they were able to do a beautiful job thanks to your great product and clear instructions.  I just sent a few photos of our first pizza party - it was a real hit and I know it was the first of many to come.  Thank you so much for a superior product that I know will become the center of many good times to come for our family and friends."

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