The Luciano Family Wood-Fired Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven in South Dakota

"After researching several companies, I decided to spend my hard earned money on BrickWood Ovens' Mattone Barile Grande Package 4.  I felt confident that I would be able to complete my pizza oven project even before my purchase because of the outstanding directions in video format as well as PDF format.  The attention to detail in the instructions impressed me and ultimately lead to my purchase - without a doubt.  I understood what to do with each step.  Now that I've finished my project (mostly - still deciding on a finish), I am extremely happy with the end result!  My pizza oven gets up to a temperature of 1000 + degrees.  I can barely feel any heat on the sides or back of the stucco when it is at it's highest temperature.  Even underneath, I feel no heat.  It amazes me every time (I used perlite for my insulation in the hearth slab purchased from Ace Hardware and Menards).


The products used are of high quality and do exactly what they are supposed to do.  I used a 4" angle grinder with a metal masonry blade to cut my firebricks (purchased from Lowes).  It cut fast and accurate.  All-in-all, this project took me a couple months from beginning to end.  I'm cooking pizzas in 3 minutes and they are amazing!  I also have baked crazy-good bread that tastes like it's from a New York bakery!  I cooked prime rib, steaks, Thanksgiving Turkey, burgers, fish on cedar planks and more!  If you have any reservations about this purchase, you don't need to worry about help and follow through with the company.  They are there to answer any questions along the way.  Awesome!!!"

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