The Molina Family Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven in Texas

"Caracolina" is the name of our new outdoor brick  pizza oven.  I chose that name as a result of a play with the words "Caracol" and "Molina".  It also means "Cara" (dear) and "Colina"(hill) for the lovely place we live in.  The building of the brick oven was less than half of the cost of what a contractor would have charged me.


We started the project on Dec 22, 2013 after an exhaustive research about what kind of wood oven would fit my goals.  Originally, I was thinking of a simple adobe half-dome oven like my old grandma had in Chulumani, Bolivia.  After reading and reading, I chose to use improved modern methodology to increase the efficiency of the refractory mass.  You see, my grandpa taught me that "to do things well is more important than just merely doing them”.


I rigorously followed the excellent directions of  I got most of my materials from the local Home Depot and from Daniel's Stone Supply.  My good friend Rigoberto Serrato helped me make the frames for the slab and table base components.  Epifanio, my trustworthy gardener, helped me with most of the heavy construction.  My dear friend Phil Hoggat from extraordinary "Carved Stone", helped me cut the refractory bricks I needed for the tricky areas during construction of the half barrel brick oven.  My sons, Tom and John helped me place the table concrete components for the oven base.


Caracolina and I are ready to start the fireworks of a New Year..  and for the first of the rest of my life!"

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