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Let us show you How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace / Backyard Fireplace with our Detailed Directions

(with Materials Lists)

Let Backyard Flare LLC design your outdoor structure for you.  Backyard Flare can assist you in managing your masonry fear by providing you a detailed, DIY step-by-step outdoor fireplace or fire pit construction plan. With the turn of each page you will be led row by row as you build your beautiful outdoor structure. The plans include a list of materials and tools needed, large 3 dimensional CAD drawings for each row of building progression, helpful hints & reminders for you to use along the way, and detailed, easy-to-follow written instructions.


All standard Backyard Flare fireplace or kitchen construction plans on this site are $39.99. If you see a design you like but want some changes made we can accommodate you. We do it all the time for our customers. The price of a changed plan will depend on the level of complexity of your changes. If you want a custom fireplace design that will fit your outdoor space, contact us and let's discuss how we can assist you. You will end up with a one of a kind structure! The same goes for your outdoor kitchen or pizza oven. We can design a great look for your outdoor area. Most of the designs in our gallery are available as well. Call us and we can discuss your design ideas. We have put a great deal of thought and time into our outdoor fireplace, grill and fire pit design plans and we know you won't be disappointed. Our construction plans are as detailed as you will find anywhere.


Backyard Flare LLC is not associated with BrickWood Ovens LLC.  We just really, really like their DIY Outdoor Fireplace Instructions.  :)

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