Outdoor Fireplace Kits & Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Fireplace Combination Plans and Directions

(with Materials Lists)

The Construction Plans from Backyard Flare progress one row at a time and give you different views of each row in the form of CAD drawings. The building of each row is also described in detail with easy to understand instructions. Most outdoor fireplace plans depending on complexity are more than 25 pages in length.


Because most outdoor fireplaces are built for ambiance and not for heating, our fireplaces are designed with no angled fireboxes. These "angled-wall" fireboxes are commonly referred to as a Rumford design and they were designed primarily as indoor structures with efficiency in radiating and throwing heat. Our square outdoor fireplace firebox designs maximize the firebox depth which in turn offers more room for larger fire grates and larger fires. Secondly, the fire grate can be pushed back into the firebox, allowing you to sit directly in front of the fire without feeling like you are sitting too close. Don't be fooled though about a square firebox design. The heat will still be intense, so be careful. The back wall of our firebox designs are in line with the back wall of the chimney which allows for a very good smoke draw. One of the most important reasons for our square firebox design is the simplicity of the build. Most homeowners have a limited knowledge of masonry work and we want the fireplace projects to be as easy as possible while still offering a quality design.

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