Ceramic Fiber Blanket - 6lb

Insulation Blanket - Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Insulation Blanket - Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Inswool Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Blanket - 6lb

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Ceramic Fiber Blanket - 6lb

The #1 Recommended Upgrade for every Pizza Oven Kit!

While (1) box of Ceramic Fiber Blanket is enough to wrap 2 layers of blanket across your Mattone Barile, Mattone Barile Grande, Cortile Barile and 28" Mattone Cupola, adding a 3rd or even a 4th layer of ceramic insulation can increase the performance of your oven by an additional 25%-35%. Reach higher temperatures with less firewood… in less time!  And those extra layers keep your oven hotter for longer – so you get extended baking times and faster re-firing periods.

Save 10% on a second box of Ceramic Fiber Blanket! Automatically receive a 10% discount on a second box of CFB during checkout.


Here are 8 GREAT reasons to use Ceramic Fiber Insulation!

1. Wrapping your oven with Ceramic Fiber Blanket will allow your oven to heat quicker and retain the heat longer than w/out ceramic fiber insulation blanket 

2. If you get a hairline crack on the inside of your oven, the ceramic insulation prevents the hairline crack from showing on the outside of the oven. 

3. Two (2) layers of ceramic blanket costs less than a 2nd row of firebrick (each box contains enough ceramic wool for 2 layers). 

4. Your wood-fired oven can be 1000° degrees on the inside... but cool to the touch on the outside. 

5. The high temp insulation can be applied and secured in about 30 minutes. 

6. COUNTLESS finishing options can be applied to an oven with the ceramic fiber / stucco shell...

  • Thin Brick / Brick Veneer
  • Stone Veneer
  • Painted Finish
  • Tile
  • Fireplace Combo
  • Almost any type of finish!

    7. The brand of ceramic fiber blanket you will receive will depend on your delivery location. Brands we ship include:

    • Harbison Walker (Made in USA)
    • Unifrax Fiberfrax
    • Unitherm
    • Durablanket
    • Inswool

       8. FREE SHIPPING!


      Q: Can I get a discount if I order a 2nd box?
      A: You will receive an automatic discount of 10% on a 2nd box during checkout.

      Q: Do I have to wrap my pizza oven with Ceramic Fiber Blanket?
      A: YES! Ceramic is an ABSOLUTE must-have!  You should NEVER build a pizza oven without Ceramic Fiber Blanket!

      Q: Do you have any more information about Ceramic Fiber Blankets? 
      You can jump over to the Ceramic Fiber Blanket topic on the BrickWood Ovens Forum and read more than you'll ever need to know about Ceramic Fiber Blanket insulation.


      1 Box Blanket Dimensions: 24" x 1" x 25' (50sf) - Rated to 2300° | 6LB

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