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Ready to build a BrickWood Oven?  Make sure your first stop is at a locally owned Landscape Supply store or Refractory dealer.

They stock all those high-temperature materials that you won't find in a Big Box hardware store.

BrickWood Forum & FAQ's

Our community of BrickWood Ovens owners answer any questions you many have about building a BrickWood Oven.

In addition, we posted every question & answer that we have received for the past 7 years!

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Not a DIY kinda' guy or gal?  No worries!

 Here's a list of licensed and bonded Authorized BrickWood Contractors near you.

BrickWood Blog

A collection of articles by BrickWood Ovens.

Topics range from construction ideas like building your oven in a housing... to the age old question "Does pineapple belong on a pizza?".

Military & 1st Responder Discount

Are you an ACTIVE duty service member or 1st Responder?  You deserve a discount!  And we are going to give you one!  OORAH!

Firewood Near Me

There's firewood... And then there's FIREWOOD!

View North America's LARGEST list of Premium Firewood and Smoking Wood Dealers.


Materials Photo Glossary

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, our Photo Glossary would be longer than War & Peace!

See what each required material and tool looks like before you head-out to your hardware store.

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Ready to show the world your awesome new BrickWood Oven?  We want to show it to them!

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