Find A Materials Dealer

Ready to build a BrickWood Oven?  Make sure your first stop is at a locally owned Landscape Supply store or Refractory dealer.

They stock all those high-temperature materials that you won't find in a Big Box hardware store.

BrickWood Forum & FAQ's

Our community of BrickWood Ovens owners answer any questions you many have about building a BrickWood Oven.

In addition, we posted every question & answer that we have received for the past 7 years!

Find A Contractor

Not a DIY kinda' guy or gal?  No worries!

 Here's a list of licensed and bonded Authorized BrickWood Contractors near you.

BrickWood Blog

A collection of articles by BrickWood Ovens.

Topics range from construction ideas like building your oven in a housing... to the age old question "Does pineapple belong on a pizza?".

Materials Photo Glossary

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, our Photo Glossary would be longer than War & Peace!

See what each required material and tool looks like before you head-out to your hardware store.

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Ready to show the world your awesome new BrickWood Oven?  We want to show it to them!

Click here to upload up-to 20gb of pictures and videos with just one-click of the mouse.

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