The Trotta Family Wood-Fired Cortile Barile Pizza Oven in Massachusetts

"I just wanted to share the process with you because of all your help we were able to complete it.  Your website, product and support are top notch.  It cost us about $1,700 for the whole thing to make.  We were given an estimate of $5,000 for a professional to do it.  And I'm certain it wouldn't have been the detail and quality that you instructed us with.  So many friends and family are amazed by this and we brag about you guys all the time.


The process was quite incredible and now that we are looking back at it we're even more amazed that we pulled it off.  My husband and his son literally did small steps at a time.  Everything truly adds up.  He only has Sunday off during the week and he would put a couple of hours or so aside to work on it.  We love it so much and so does the neighborhood (HA!)."

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