The Wedmore Family Fun Park with a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven in California

"Your Mattone Barile Oven kit started us on a huge makeover of just under a quarter acre of our property. By the time we were finished with our DIY project, we had a wood-burning pizza oven and a wood-burning BBQ, a stainless commercial counter top, a bocce court, an outdoor chess set, a new deck around a large tree for our outdoor Jenga game, two 8-top concrete tables with propane fire bowls in the centers, a new corrugated tin and redwood fence, outdoor lighting and a 3-hole putting green. In November, our Italian-born friend served up pizzas to order for our party of over 75 friends of all ages.


we can't say this wasn't a lot of hard work and that the costs would have been astronomical if we hadn't re-purposed lots of salvage "treasures" my husband, Jim, has been collecting over the years, including glass blocks we added to the exterior of the wood-burning pizza oven base. With the recent purchase of outdoor infrared propane heaters, we're enjoying this outdoor space year 'round and we've taken the pizza-making lessons from our Italian friend, Antonio, to heart, learning how to make a pretty decent pizza these days! We live on road that sees a fair amount of traffic due to Santa Ynez Valley Union High School's location near us.


We need only say the cross streets where our home is located and invariably someone will say...

Oh, is your house the one with the pizza oven and bocce court? It looks like it's a park!"


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