Cortile Barile

Want to build a small wood fired pizza oven but don't have any masonry skills?  No Problem!  If you can make brownies, you can make the Cortile Barile oven!  Simply mix 3 ingredients, pour them into the BrickWood Ovens foam Cortile Barile pizza oven mold and let bake.. err.. dry for 5 days!

2 Hours.. 3 Ingredients.. It really is the world’s least expensive & easiest-to-build wood fired oven!

●  Great for all occasions large and small!  (1 - 40 people)

●  Excellent for pizza's, breads and low profile foods

●  Super-easy to build with step-by-step directions

●  Cooks faster and hotter than firebrick models

●  It only takes 2 hours to mix, pour and pack!  Really!

●  Save thousands over comparable models

●  Build the base and oven in just 2 weekends (or less)

●  DIY-EZ!

Model Number

Interior Depth / Width / Height

Exterior Depth / Width / Height

Cooking Surface Area

Oven Type

Average PPH (Pizzas Per Hour)

Oven Temperature

Average Time to Build Base  (1 person)

Average Time to Build Oven  (1 person)

Average Cost to Build Base

Average Cost to Build Finished Oven

(including BrickWood Ovens Foam Mold)


31" / 27" / 14"

37.5" / 33" / 17"

840 Sq Inches

Castable Refractory



11 Hours

8 Hours



Cortile Barile Wood Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven made of Castable Refractory

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