RESOURCES PAGE - Upload Photos & Videos

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Sending your Photos and Videos is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3!

Want the World to see your BrickWood Ovens project? We want to show it to them! Simply follow these 3 steps and your oven photos and videos will be posted on our Oven Gallery in just a few days! You can send up to 20GB at one time, so feel free to send us as many pictures / videos as you desire.
And Hey... Thanks for taking the time to take to send us pictures of your awesome oven!

  • 1.

    Select all the Photos &/or Videos you want to submit by selecting (highlighting) your oven photo files that are in your Photo Folder.

  • 2.

    Once the files are highlighted, simply drag them to the section appropriately named "Drag & Drop Files Here". Then type your Name, Email Address and a Short Message about your oven and hit "Send Now!"

  • 3.

    By submitting your awesome oven photos &/or videos through this file transfer, you are agreeing to our Photo Gallery Terms of Service.