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The Mattone Barile Grande - Package 3

Our most beloved pizza oven kit 12 years in a row!
The MBG/PKG3 comes with everything you need to build
a well-insulated and long lasting fire brick pizza oven .

Insulated Health Baking Surface for Excellent Heat Retention
Heat Retaining Ceramic Fiber Blanket under Stucco Shell
Countless Finishing Options (Paint, Brick Veneer, Tile)
Built in Theft Deterrent system (2400+Ibs)
Open Front - Wood Fired BBQ & Pizza
Closed Front - Baking Bread & Roasting / Smoking Meats

This package includes:

1. Mattone Barile Grande Foam Form
2. Pizza Oven Door w/ Red Oak Handles
3. DuraTech Exhaust Kit (Stainless Steel)
4. Ceramic Fiber Blanket HT (50sf Box)
5. American Metalcraft Pizza Oven Tools

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High-Temperature Mortar. The Glue for all DIY Pizza Ovens built from Scratch!

Don't spend a ton of money on expensive pre-mixed Refractory Mortar when you can make your own for 1/6th the price!
All you need is 3 parts Fine Grain Sand, 1 part Portland Cement, 1 part Fire Clay & 1 part Hydrated Lime.  (More Info)

Fire Clay (50lb)
High-Temp Mortar Mix Ingredient
(1 of 4)
Hydrated Lime
High-Temp Mortar Mix Ingredient
(2 of 4)
Portland Cement
High-Temp Mortar Mix Ingredient
(3 of 4)
Silica Sand
High-Temp Mortar Mix Ingredient
(4 of 4)